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Tifosi AMOK Cycling Glasses Review

Tifosi AMOK Sunglasses Review
Tifosi AMOK Sunglasses

Tifosi is a mid-level eyewear brand with a big range of casual to performance glasses. AMOK is on the performance end, with a wrap design that succeeds at looking appropriate and performing in various cycling disciplines.

In The Box

AMOK comes in a hard, nylon covered case with soft inner lining. In addition to the lenses already installed in the frame (Clarion Red), there is also a pair of AC Red lenses and clear lenses, and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

Clarion Red (photo above, left) is mirrored and allows 14% light transmission. AC (All Conditions) Red is lightly mirrored and allows 41.4% light transmission.

Look / Style

For us, AMOK has a strong look that doesn't stretch into the funky. The pair we tested, in Crystal Neon Green with Clarion Red lenses, is a bit loud, but the frame styling is mostly practical and there are six other color combinations to choose from if you're looking to keep a lower profile.

We took AMOK on road rides, gravel rides, and on trails and they fit in to every setting.

Materials and Technology

AMOK's frame is made of Grilamid TR-90 — a lightweight, flexible, and durable material that easily survives getting dropped or tossed around some.

The temples and adjustable nosepiece are coated with hydrophilic rubber to make them grippy and keep the glasses in place, especially when you work up a sweat.

Lenses are scratch-resistant and shatterproof polycarbonate. They provide excellent protection from physical debris and from 100% of UVA and UVB rays — exactly what you need sunglasses most for.

Tifosi also offers AMOK in a Fototec lens — their photochromic (light adapting) lens version.

Lenses and frame are also vented to give some airflow that prevents fogging.

Fit and Feel

AMOK sunglasses stayed in place when we were on and off road. They are adequately grippy and fit snugly, but not tight. We always like when we can use and adjustable nosepiece to get just the right position on our faces.

The lenses are larger, giving more than adequate viewing area. Optical clarity is distortion free and looking out from them over time is helped by decentered lenses.

Venting is enough to avoid fogging in most cases, but not so much that airflow was irritating or drying out our contact lenses.

AMOK is a little beefy, but not heavy. You won't mind these unless you're trying to gain milliseconds uphill.


AMOK is stylish and comfortable and a good set of cycling sunglasses. At $79.95 MSRP, there is added performance and styling that's closer to premium eyewear brands, but at half the cost. Tifosi and AMOK nail it on value here.


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