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VAAST Bikes launches range exclusively made with Allite Super Magnesium

VAAST Bikes launches with gravel, mountain, urban, and youth bicycles exclusively made with ALLITE® SUPER MAGNESIUM.
VAAST Bikes launches with gravel, mountain, urban, and youth bicycles exclusively made with ALLITE® SUPER MAGNESIUM.

Press Release

VAAST Bikes Introduces Innovative Model Line Using All-New Material Technology

VAAST Bikes—a state-of-the-art human transportation company bringing forth an all-new, all-road brand of sport performance bikes—is pleased to announce that it will launch its innovative model range at this year’s EUROBIKE, September 4-7, 2019.

Through its exclusive use of new materials, inventive design and engineering, and proven, eco-friendly fabrication processes, VAAST Bikes unites ALLITE® SUPER MAGNESIUM™ technology, a one-of-a-kind ride feel, and a dedication toward a vibrant cycling ecology to enable more meaningful journeys that fill the soul.



The company’s launch includes four models: A/1, M/1, U/1, and Y/1 for gravel, mountain, urban, and youth riding respectively. All four models are exclusively made with ALLITE® SUPER MAGNESIUM™, a specially formulated magnesium alloy that weighs 33% less and offers 20x greater shock absorption than aluminum, weighs 50% less and is 56% stronger than titanium, and is 100% recyclable—making it a viable, sustainable option. All VAAST frames are treated with a corrosion-resistant ceramic coating and durable paint finishes. The specially crafted AE81 SUPER MAGNESIUM™ formula possesses a resilient, perfect ride-feel that enables riders to push beyond their limits. And, its superior vibration dampening characteristics empower a smooth, agile, fast ride.

VAAST Bikes A/1 All-Road VAAST Bikes M/1 Mountain
VAAST Bikes A/1 Allroad and M/1 Mountain

“As the benefits of magnesium are becoming more well-known, we are excited to introduce VAAST Bikes to the market as the premier model for sport performance,” said Joey Burke, Marketing Manager. “We have meticulously designed these bikes with a consumer-first mentality, enabling you to reach farther and successfully go further with a ride experience like none other.”

VAAST Bikes U/1 Urban VAAST Bikes Y/1 Youth
VAAST Bikes U/1 Urban and Y/1 Youth

The A/1, M/1, and U/1 are offered in two specifications to accommodate universal riding from flat roads to mountain peaks, windy trails, and beyond. All VAAST models follow a unique sizing structure—creating a fit fine-tuned to the rider. VAAST measurements are focused on the dimension to the center of the handlebar, the most important contact point for the rider, formulated to complement optimal geometry.

A/1 serves as VAAST’s hallmark model—embodying the brand’s focus on versatility, functionality, and optimal performance. Weighing in at approximately 1,200 grams, the A/1 enables riders to ride all ways—offering dropped chainstays to accommodate 700C or 650B tires, a threaded bottom bracket (T47 30 mm) for less creak and better serviceability, dedicated 1X drivetrains, and fender and rack mounts ready for any adventure. The A/1 retails at $2,499.00 USD.

VAAST launches as the latest addition to parent company United Wheels Limited—joining the strong presence the company has in the bicycle industry with Huffy Corporation, Niner, Batch Bicycles, Royce Union, and Buzz E-Bikes which collectively ship more than 5 million bicycles annually in 40 countries.

To learn more about VAAST Bikes, visit


About VAAST Bikes

Introducing VAAST Bikes®—A human transportation company launching with an all-new, all-road adventure line of Sport Performance Bikes designed for those who are destined for more.

Our team of engineers, scientists, designers, and riders have built a more pragmatic, enduring, and robust line of sport-tuned, high-performance bikes that establish a new standard of feel. Sport Performance, as it should be. Through our exclusive use of lighter, super-optimized materials, VAAST Bikes call into existence a ride feel that will help you conquer the roads less-traveled.

We are VAAST—impeccably handling sport performance bikes designed to create the more skillful and fulfilling propulsion of mind, body, and heart-rate.



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