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SRAM NX: 1x11 MTB drivetrain on a budget


SRAM NX tile shot
SRAM's NX line opens the door for entry level 1x11

SRAM recently introduced its NX line up of MTB drivetrain components to the world, adding to the myriad of existing options in their product matrix. With SRAM having 12 distinct drivetrain offerings, we at BikeRoar thought we would explain exactly what SRAM NX is, where it fits into the line up, and if it's something we think you should buy.

When 1x11 drivetrains were first introduced they came with hefty price tags; For example, SRAM's XX1 cassette goes for $425 USD alone. The benefits of 1x11 were clear upon release, but the price excluded most from ever making the switch. SRAM NX is an entry level 1x11 drivetrain, with a price tag of only $310 USD for the whole kit, making it quite appealing to this looking to upgrade their worn 9x3 or 2x10 systems.

The NX cassette will fit onto a standard freehub body, which means the consumer doesn't need to upgrade to the XD driver, which is part of the reason why the costs are kept low. With a weight of 538 grams, the cassette is anything but light, but with a price tag of $79 USD I don't think anyone is going to care. The NX groupset has a decent look and feel to it, making it hard to deny the urge to upgrade to 1x11.

SRAM's NX groupset is not stated to replace any existing drivetrain lines, but let's be honest; most manufactures are making their bikes 2x10 or 1x11. SRAM's introduction of NX for $310 USD will see manufactures spec'ing it on their bikes all the way down their line. Front derailleurs are drying up, as will be the parts and support for them. If you are in need of a drivetrain, BikeRoar suggests looking at NX as your next drivetrain.

Check out the full specs for SRAM NX below, and for a little more information check out the NX video straight from SRAM.

SRAM NX Groupset
SRAM's NX groupset may deliver 1x11 to the common man


PG-1130 Cassette


Super wide gear range — a perfect fit for any ride Optimized gear steps across entire range Compatible with non-XD driver body Fully compatible with all SRAM 1x drivetrains.


  • 11 speeds
  • Cog sizes: 11t, 13t, 15t, 17t, 19t, 22t, 25t, 28t, 32t, 36t, 42t
  • Cogs on cluster: 3
  • Part weight: 538g

MSRP: US$79 | €89 | AUD$124.95

1x X-Sync Crankset


The SRAM NX crankset provides high performance at the right price. Featuring the SRAM engineered X-SYNC chainring, the NX crankset is engineered for complete chain control. Each tooth's thickness is CNC machined to work seamlessly with the chain's inner and outer links. Personalize your gearing with seven available chainrings (28t, 30t, 32t, 34t, 36t, 38t, 40t).


  • 6000 series aluminum arms
  • Most affordable fully featured 1x crank in the industryt
  • BB compatibility: BB30/PF30-68/73mm, GXP 100mm/ PF GXP 121mm, GXP PF GXP 68/ 73mm
  • Crank arm lengths: 155mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • BB spindle interface: 24mm, 30mm
  • Chainring material: aluminum
  • BCD: 94 BCD
  • Chainline: 49.0mm, 52.0mm, 66.5mm

MSRP [GXP 175 Black w 32T X-SYNC Chainring (GXPCups Not Included)]: US$116 | €120 | AUD$199.95
MSRP [BB30 175 Black w 32T X-SYNC Chainring (BB30 Bearings Not Included)]: US$145 | €150 | AUD$239.95



Designed from a long line of dependable, lightweight chains that are built for toughness, the recommended chain for NX, PC-1110. Designed with SRAM's trusted XX1 geometry, the PC-1110 features solid pin construction, 11-speed PowerLock, smooth and efficient shifting that you can count on every time out. Weight: 232-273g.

MSRP: US$14 | €14 | AUD$24.95

11-Speed X-Actuation Trigger Shifter


SRAM NX trigger shifter with X-Actuation technology gives you sharp, dependable shifting. Built for precise and swift shifting across our wide range 11-speed cassette, the NX trigger shifter brings industry changing technology to everyone. Fully compatible with all SRAM 1x™ drivetrains. Weight: 142 grams.

MSRP: US$27 | €28 | AUD$49.95

11-Speed X-Actuation Grip Shift


SRAM NX Grip Shift with X-Actuation technology gives you sharp, dependable shifting. Built for precise and swift shifting across our wide range 11-speed cassette, the NX Grip Shift brings industry changing technology to everyone.


  • SRAM 1x X-Actuation for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Rolling Thunder ball bearing technology
  • Jaws lock-on grip technology
  • Most affordable fully featured 1x grip shifter in the industry

MSRP: US$33 | €35 | AUD$59.95

NX 1x11 X-Horizon Rear Derailleur


The SRAM NX X-Horizon rear derailleur provides the same smooth, reliable shifting action as XX1—from the larger upper pulley offset to the 12-tooth X-Sync pulley wheels.

By eliminating unwanted chain movement, X-Horizon shifts faster, puts an end to ghost shifting and reduces shift force and chain slap. And with Cage Lock technology, wheel removal and installation are easier than ever. Weight: 322 grams.

MSRP: US$74 | €76 | AUD$119.95

SRAM NX 2016 - Start With One



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