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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1982

100% is a U.S.-based manufacturer of helmets, eyewear and apparel for mountain biking and motocross. The complete range is available directly from the company via its online store or in bike and MX shops around the world.

Born in a living room in 1982, 100% got its start with a handful of practical accessories for motocrossing: devices to protect cables, panels, and riders from damage and heat. The evolution of the company is an interesting sequence: from hardware to tees and sweatshirts, to number plates and graphics, to athletic wear, to eyewear, to today: goggles and sunglasses, bike helmets, gloves, socks, riding apparel and casual wear.

The company's bicycling division is focused on off-road. Jerseys and shorts for all-mountain, long-sleeve, full pant and full-face helmet for downhill, with a collection of full-finger gloves armored as much or little as the ride demands.

Goggles and sunglasses are rough and tough, and offered in a ridiculous array of colors. Replacement lenses with multiple treatments are available. The casual glasses aren't as aerodynamic as the performance glasses, but they're about as tough.

Casual wear incorporates the iconic 100% logo in ways from blazing to subtle, with modern designs and some harking back to the 70s. There's even a fleece, with a tiny company logo where you'd expect an alligator.

100% makes some solid accessories for off-roading. Worth checking out.

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