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  • Nationality:Belgium
  • Year Founded:2006

4za is a Belgium-based manufacturer of bike components and accessories. The extensive catalogue includes wheels, cockpit, forks, brakes, and ancillary equipment like bar and rim tape, bottles, cages, and grips. Everything from 4za is available from bike shops around the world, anywhere the company's parent Ridley's bikes are sold.

Founded a decade ago to produce top-quality gear for racing and training, 4za started out with wheels and steadily expanded from there, developing extensive lines in wheels, componentry, and gear. Currently three main lines are available, spanning from the modestly-priced Stratos to the top-of-the-line Cirrus Pro. Today the company sponsors multiple road and cyclocross teams, collecting valuable feedback from their investment.

The wheels are very tough, as one might expect from a Belgian manufacturer. Practically any configuration in 700 is offered, with race-day cyclocross tubulars alongside durable tubeless clinchers. Available in carbon and alloy, with durable, well-sealed bearings, a variety of spoke patterns, and rim widths suitable for old-school slender or cutting-edge broad. Designs are specific; if straight-pull is apropos, that's what it's built with. 4za is far from hidebound.

Saddles and posts are designed to complement one another, as are the bars and stems; choose a line through all four, and 4za will deliver a cockpit that works as anticipated, with strength across the board, variations in lengths and diameters to fit practically any road-worthy ride, and consistent performance.

The one fork model currently available from the company is an all-carbon aerodynamic monocoque racing fork, incorporating a Splitfork brake and presenting an exceptionally slender face to the wind. Team Lotto-Soudal races on this very fork. The brake offering is a classic cantilever, prepared to receive the shoe of choice to match the 4za wheelset selected.

Tape is actually offered in two separate lines, Stratos and Cirrus; both are more than adequate, Stratos' classic cork providing the well-known feel, and Cirrus combining microfiber and gel to produce an unearthly level of comfort. Cages run the gamut from classic aluminum to bizarrely-shaped aero all-carbon cages, with matching bottles available for all.

4za makes some top-quality racing gear for drop-bar enthusiasts of all schools. Stop by your local shop and see if there's anything 4za has that might gussy up your steed.

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