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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2011

6D Helmets is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of brain protection. 6D was founded in 2011 by Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger with the single goal of developing a superior performing off-road motorcycle helmet that would successfully reduce the transfer of angular acceleration energy to the brain during crash impacts.  Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) is the patented technology solution the company developed and brought to market under the “6D Helmets” brand name.

The ODS™ technology is a unique and proprietary impact management solution that significantly reduces angular acceleration energy and low-threshold impact energy transfer to the brain during crash impacts, reducing the likelihood of injury when compared to helmets with traditional EPS liner systems.

Today 6D offers helmets in three specific categories including off-road motorcycle, youth motorcycle, and Downhill/BMX cycling. Additional motorcycle and bicycle helmets are currently in development.

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