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  • Nationality:USA
  • Year Founded:1972

At LEM, we’re fueled by the simple belief that life is more fun on two wheels, and unlocking that fun starts with head protection. With your head covered, you can focus on getting after it, your way. Every LEM bike helmet has over 30 years of safety technology built in, and features clean silhouettes and colors that epitomize modern style. So, whether you rip singletrack on the weekends or cruise commuter lanes Monday through Friday, you can stay ride-ready.

In 1972, Romano Magnani created "Lavorazioni Elmi Magnani" which translates to "Helmet Workshop of Magnani", or "Magnani Helmet Technologies"... or LEM, for short. Romano was a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, creator, and innovator of helmets for motorcycle racing. He couldn't have known it then, but in founding LEM, he starting something special, something that would thrive at the forefront of helmet technology and innovation for decades, even helping to create and define the European guideline ECE22, which established the first uniform helmet safety standards across Europe.

From our deep roots in Italian helmet design, LEM evolved. Now based in Northern California, we’re delivering a collection of cycling helmets that deliver protection, comfort, and style to riders who embrace an unbounded lifestyle. Our helmets are an invitation to join us on the road or up in the mountains. They feature options for all ages, fresh designs, and tech that would make Romano proud.

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