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What is ThumbStopper for Bikes Anyway?

ThumbStopper for Bikes. Your brands, your posts, just automated.
ThumbStopper for Bikes. Your brands, your posts, just automated.

By now you may have seen ThumbStopper’s signature purple logo floating around, either on social media, in your inbox, or even in your mailbox. We think what we do here is clear but after getting questions from bike shop owners across the country, we thought we’d clear a few things up.

In a nutshell, ThumbStopper aggregates and curates content from the brands of bicycles you sell and posts it natively and automatically to your bike shop’s social media page.

Why should I post to my Facebook Page?

Simply put, your future customers are looking for bikes and bike shops online before they ever walk into a store. 70% of the purchase decision is made by the customer before they ever walk into a store because they’ve learned nearly all they (think) they need to know online.

You may have an incredible website to woo new customers, but do us a favor: search for your bike shop on Google. We’ll bet like most of our retailers your business’s Facebook page shows up pretty close to the top of the search results. It’s true that your social media presence is only part (albeit a large one) of your online presence, but if you could turn the keys over to a highly qualified driver (like the brands you sell in your shop) for as little as $19 a month, and know that you’re posting the highest quality content on a regular basis, would you?

What does “native” mean?

As the curator of content on your social media pages, you’ve probably seen something posted by PinkBike, Global Cycling Network (GCN), or the brands you sell that you thought your Facebook fans would love. So, you hit the “share” button and you’ve reshared the content with your online community. The problem with resharing is you don’t get the benefit that you would if you downloaded the image, copied the text, and shared it all in a new post from your Facebook Page. Why? Simply resharing someone else’s content is great for that brand, as they get more exposure to their posts and their page gains the benefit of any post engagement. Now, if instead, you post that same content yourself, this is seen as your page’s content, so any post engagement with that content benefits your bike shop’s Facebook page.

Set it and forget it: content on your terms

We know as a bike shop owner/operator, you’d rather spend your day talking to customers than scouring social media for great content to share or creating content from scratch, creating posts, and sharing. What’s more, you need to do this consistently every week, at least twice a week, to stay in your fans’ newsfeeds. You can’t take a week off from social media and the content has to be engaging.

ThumbStopper Administration Portal
Featured Above: The ThumbStopper administration portal where you can edit your posting schedule, the brands you want to feature content from, and the products that you sell.

Great (smart!) content

There are services out there that are similar to ThumbStopper, but with some important differences: first of all, we aren’t just collecting content from brands and spitting it back out to everyone at the same time. Our team curates each piece of content, ensuring that only the highest quality, most engaging content is available to be shared on your Facebook Page. We collect the content from a wide variety of brand sources, going beyond just Facebook to find and deliver the best on your behalf. We go one step beyond that and leverage artificial intelligence to intelligently randomize the content we post on your behalf; this means that you’re not getting the exact same post at the exact same time as the competitor across the street.

Performance Metrics in the ThumbStopper Administration Portal
Featured Above: The ThumbStopper administration portal where you view post performance for the content on your Facebook page.

Affordable social media management that makes a difference

ThumbStopper for Bikes
Featured Above: Edit content before it’s posted to your Facebook page.

It’s likely that as a bike shop owner, you’ve tested out agency or agency-like services for your social media management. Monthly fees can be expensive, contracts can be lengthy, and content creation can be disruptive. With ThumbStopper for Bikes, you can employ an affordable, automated service that you can tailor to suit your needs. Subscriptions start at just $19/month and are always month-to-month. If you want, you can access our admin area to change the frequency of posts, the brands you want to represent, or the days of the week or times of the day for posting. You can also view all of the brand content that has been approved by our team of content curators, and if you wish, you can edit the content before it gets posted or post it immediately to your page. You can also view key post and page metrics over time to know how well your content is working for you.

Ready to try us out? Email us at or visit for a one-month trial of ThumbStopper for Bikes and see what consistent, quality content can do for your bike shop.


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