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719 8TH ST SE, WASHINGTON DC 20003, United States
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  • Abus 1


    ABUS is a German lock manufacturer founded in 1924, based in the town of Wetter (Ruhr) in North Rhine-Westphalia. The name ABUS is an acronym for August Bremicker und Söhne KG. ABUS specialises in home security l...

    • Nationality: Germany
    • Manufactured: Locks and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1924
  • Bianchilogo


    What can be said about one of the most iconic bicycle builders in the history of bicycles? Bianchi, the world's oldest bicycle manufacturing company still in existence, will be celebrating its 125th anniversary t...

    • Nationality: Italy
    • Manufactured: Bikes, Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1885
  • Chromelogo 1


    Chrome started in Boulder, Colorado 16 years ago when a couple of guys needed bags and couldn't find anything that met their standards. So they got the toughest materials they could find, headed into their garage...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Bags, Clothing and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1995
  • Endura logo


    Endura was founded in Scotland in 1993 with a no-nonsense commitment to advancing the performance and function of cycle apparel for all. As a maverick brand, it immediately launched a host of novel and challengin...

    • Nationality: U.K.
    • Manufactured: Athletic apparel
    • Year Founded: 1993
  • Fiziklogo


    Fi'zi:k is a racing brand. It represents beauty, speed, passion, freedom for those who race against each other, race against the clock and for enthusiast cyclists around the world who identify with the feeling of...

    • Nationality: Italy
    • Manufactured: Saddles, Shoes, Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1996
  • Fujilogo 1


    Not many bicycle companies can claim they have been in existence for over 100 years. Fuji Bicycles not only carries this heritage into their current line of bicycles, but they continue to improve and advance thei...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Bikes
    • Year Founded: 1899
  • Geaxlogo 1


    Our brand wasn’t born in a laboratory or big industrial marketing group. Nor was it borrowed from the automotive or any other industry. Instead, it was bred from the very roots of mountain biking: passion, dedica...

    • Nationality: Italy
    • Manufactured: Tyres and Tubes
    • Year Founded: 1990
  • Jagwirelogo


    ou own the bike. But have you made it your own? Jagwire invites you to take your bike beyond ordinary in a blaze of light, color and texture with our family of integrated control system products. From a rainbow o...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Ripcord, Racer, and Hyper cable kits. HyFlow Hydraulic hose. Disc brake pads. Rim pads and other small parts.
  • 25266 381524039821 159243559821 3833473 7063244 n


    Our Mission: Establish KMC Chain as the premier brand of the finest bicycle chain in the world. The ongoing pursuit of professionalism makes KMC Chain the most distinguished leader in the chain industry! KMC Chai...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Chains
    • Year Founded: 1977
  • 429941 334703809894255 159390850758886 1099916 1800154479 n

    Kool Stop

    Kool-Stop International Inc. was started back in 1978, in Oregon USA. While making friction components for industrial applications, the owner Richard Everett, began supplying a few compounds to the bicycle indust...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Brakes
    • Year Founded: 1978
  • Lazer logo


    Established in 1919, Lazer, with headquarter in Belgium, designs, manufactures and markets its bicycle, motorcycle and leisure helmets in more than 50 countries, over 5 continents. Lazer, the world oldest helmet ...

    • Nationality: Belgium
    • Manufactured: Helmets
    • Year Founded: 1919
  • Lizardskinslogo 1


    Since 1993 Lizard Skins has created products to meet the needs and wants of cyclists around the world. With a wide variety of cycling products, from its well-known chainstays to its gripping bar tape, Lizard Skin...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Bar Tape, Grips, Bike Protection and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1993
  • Looklogo 1


    LOOK: one of the most innovative firms of the market Inventor of the clipless pedal, of the first carbon frame in 1986 and of the first track single-piece carbon frame, LOOK is the worldwide leader of the road cl...

    • Nationality: France
    • Manufactured: Bikes, Pedals, Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1986
  • Michelin logo big


    Michelin was founded in 1889 in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In over 100 years, Michelin has undergone continuous innovation and development: Business operations in five continents, research centers in Europe, North...

    • Nationality: France
    • Manufactured: Tyres
    • Year Founded: 1889
  • Ortlieblogo


    ORTLIEB products are characterised by tightly sealed closure systems such as roll closures, waterproof zippers, velcro, or sliding seal closures. The numerous products with their special design features are devel...

    • Nationality: Germany
    • Manufactured: Bicycle Panniers
    • Year Founded: 1982
  • Tour de france tires logo panaracer


    Formed in 1953, Panaracer began manufacturing rubber products for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. In 1978 we began to exclusively manufacture bicycle tires so we could carefully focus on produc...

    • Nationality: Japan
    • Manufactured: Tires
    • Year Founded: 1953
  • Getimagedata t bl u 242

    Park Tool

    It seems everything was simpler in 1956 and bicycles were no exception. A common day of repairs consisted of a few flat tires, a broken spoke and possibly a coaster brake hub overhaul. As the 1960's arrived, so d...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Tools
    • Year Founded: 1956
  • Planet bike

    Planet Bike

    In November of 1996, Planet Bike was founded in Madison, Wisconsin. In many ways, Planet Bike began as a social experiment that dedicated itself to doing business in a different way. Instead of being just another...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1996
  • Sarislogo


    When Chris and Sara Fortune purchased bicycle rack manufacturer Graber in 1989, they envisioned building a global business. With the help of renowned Italian designer Fabio Pedrini , they developed a line of easy...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Bike Racks
    • Year Founded: 1973
  • 525413 10151495846895473 195807030472 23691397 435964240 n


    Scot Enterprises, or SE for short, earned it’s place amongst bicycling’s most well known manufacturers in 1977. The Southern California based company is renowned for its speedy BMX bikes and durable urban and all...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Bikes
    • Year Founded: 1977
  • 429025 10151384336400584 290284850583 23348054 1721824161 n

    Selle Italia

    Selle Italia has been a leader in saddle technology for 117 years. Founded in Corsico, outside of Milan, this great Italian company is known for their innovative saddle designs utilizing the latest technology. Se...

    • Nationality: Italy
    • Manufactured: Saddles
    • Year Founded: 1897
  • Logoserfas


    Whatever the destination, cyclists are seeking the ultimate ride, and Serfas is making sure they find it. Our 20 year commitment to quality, performance, and customer service is reflected in our innovative produc...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Saddles, Lights, Tyres and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1992
  • 526166 10150835134842762 157966459 n


    Shimano Inc., a Japanese manufacturer of bicycle components, was founded in 1961 and today makes up 50% of the bicycle component market. Shimano shapes the landscape for cycling component innovation with some of ...

    • Nationality: Japan
    • Manufactured: Components
    • Year Founded: 1961
  • 146 1112 01 o sidi racing logo


    Sidi shoes represents the pinnacle of cycling footwear. With over 50 years of experience and a deeply rooted devotion to the sport of cycling, Sidi manufactures the best shoes on the market today. Like many Itali...

    • Nationality: Italy
    • Manufactured: Shoes
    • Year Founded: 1960
  • Sks logo


    As an authentic manufacturer brand, SKS-Germany can look back on a long history of “Made in Germany” products. In 1921, Karl Scheffer-Klute founded the company in Sundern, Germany (SKS= Scheffer-Klute Sundern). T...

    • Nationality: Germany
    • Manufactured: Bike Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1921
  • Sockguy


    SockGuy maintains the highest standards to deliver the best performance socks on the market today. Our socks hug your feet in style and comfort and are built to last. All of our socks feature more ultra-wicking f...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1996
  • Sram logo


    SRAM: Tweak. Refine. Tweak. Refine. Leap Ahead. Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation. When advancements are continuously made to every attribute of every component, the resul...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Groupset, Wheels and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1987
  • Terry


    Terry makes the only line of road bicycles designed specifically for women, without compromise. We're famous for our geometry which results in the most comfortable riding position possible. We want women to have ...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1985
  • Topeaklogo


    Topeak is a top manufacturer of essential bicycle accessories. Topeak is known for their innovative products that have proven time and time again to be invaluable accessories to every ride on every type of terrai...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Parts and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1991
  • Wtblogo


    WTB was founded in Marin County, California in 1982, fueled by the need to create durable and reliable mountain bike-specific equipment. Back then mountain biking was a new and burgeoning sport, and mountain bike...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Manufactured: Tyres,Saddles, Wheels,Rims,Grips and Accessories
    • Year Founded: 1982
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